Don Butt

Don Butt, BSc Phm, MD, CCFP, FCFP

My prime interest in photography began in the 1950’s when I was exposed to a slideshow by Walter Benser of the Leica company. What a turn-on that was! I began shooting with an Exakta, followed by a “Rollie” and a Hasselblaad, and enjoyed working with black and white printing in the darkroom until the digital revolution. At this writing I have over 80,000 images on the computer as well as boxes of prints and slides (that cry for organization), and now edit using Adobe CC Photoshop on a MacPro. I currently use a Nikon D300, D750 and most recently, the Nikon D4 with a range of lenses. For me, photography is just for fun, and to express whatever artistic genes lie within, acknowledging that unlike my brother David, I can't draw, let alone paint anything!